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Projective-Style Dream Work & Sound Healing
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Working with dreams may be one of the healthiest and supportive paths we can take in seeking personal and collective healing. Dreams offer wisdom and insight into the many layers of our being and symbolically express creative ways of dealing with life's on-going challenges. Not only do our remembered journeys in the imaginal realm speak to levels of psychological and spiritual wholeness, they also give us detailed maps of our physical health and information on ways to take care of ourselves and find deeper and deeper roads of inner and outer transformation. The benefits of such work depend on the ultimate authority of the dreamer to say what meaning dreams hold for her or him. Groups and individual exploration provide the opportunity for rich and energizing growth and reflection.

Sound Healing is an age-old application of musical harmonics and vibratory sensations that address and help to balance the energy centers, or chakras, in the body. Contemporary practitioners are re-discovering what ancient cultures have known and practiced for thousands of years, that music is medicine. Detailed studies and lengthy experiential work have shown that certain musical tones resonate in physical and energetic patterns which can help to 're-tune' the body and soul as well as help to bring both into union with one another and the Divine.

Travis applies the practice of Sound Healing in invocational, incubatory and healing platforms in combination with Projective/Archetypal-style Dream Work and offers both in groups and individual sessions in the North Bay and Abroad.

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